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“So what exactly are we looking for?” Armin asked, glancing through the racks of clearance items.

“You boys will need button ups, khakis, belts, dress shoes, and a solid or striped tie,” you sighed, looking over the list of men’s attire, “Levi, you should get some too, and maybe a jacket. I’m not sure what your dress code is as a teacher, but you should probably look somewhat professional.” You already had some things for school, but you were looking for a new skirt to replace the ripped one from last year. You had bought the majority of your clothes last year, since you were a freshman, and you didn’t have a huge weight change, so they still fit you. This shopping trip was mainly for the guys, but that didn’t mean you weren’t going to enjoy yourself still. Think about it, you get to watch Armin try on clothes. You can do something with him you never imagined doing back when you first ‘met’ him. You didn’t even know he was real back then.

“Do we have to get just school clothes?” Eren grumbled, “I’m not as thrilled of wearing your clothes as Armin is.”


“Hey I’m speaking the truth.”

“To answer your question, no we won’t just get school wear. You will need some casual wear for the weekends and breaks and stuff. I understand exactly where you’re coming from. Oh and Armin,” you smiled sweetly, “You can continue borrowing my stuff if you want to. I’d still like to get you your own clothes, but I’m willing to continue sharing.”

A light blush played on his cheeks, displaying his embarrassment. You couldn’t help but giggle at him. He was such a dork, and you loved him. Just spending time with him was enough, and you hoped the fanfictions could be real. Maybe this’ll be the time when the chapters get smutty… Nah you couldn’t just take his innocence like that yet. He’ll be the one to say something. You didn’t want to upset him. That would crush your dreams like those angsty fanfics and depressing fanarts. You couldn’t imagine living without him now that he’s here in the real world.

Levi and Eren strolled through the mall separately, deciding to meet up at the food court at one. Mom had decided to go shopping for herself as well, so you and Armin were able to stroll alone for a couple hours. You ventured back to the car to place your new school clothes in the car, your eyes darting to glance at the blonde. His hair was smooth as silk, shining in the warm sunlight. His bangs hid his face from view as he arranged the bags in the trunk with care. You wondered how he felt about staying in a peaceful world. Was his strong mind able to cope with peace of a world without titans?

“So um…(f/n),” Armin sighed, staring at his feet as he shut the trunk, “I um…have you uh…a-am I your first boyfriend?”

You stared at him for a second, deciding what words to use that wouldn’t sound creepy. You always called him your husband around everyone, so nobody really wanted to date you. You also…erm…had fun with those smutty fanfics and wedding stories. You enjoyed having kids with him and growing old. You read your perfect life with him, canon and au. Now that it’s real,  you want to be able to create your own real life fanfiction. Yes, your life now lives in this fanfiction. This fanfiction is real. If you write it, it will be your autobiography (or technically biography).

“I’m sorry I said it,” he yelped, “P-Please just forget I said anything.”

“No Armin I…I just…” you cleared your throat, “I was always too weird to have a boyfriend before you. Everyone thought I was just some crazy otaku. Nobody appreciated me enough, and there aren’t as many people like me.”


Armin sighed, clenching and unclenching his hands as if he was nervously anticipating something. You noticed he wasn’t looking at you, and all he could do was stare at the pavement below his feet. You turned to face him, placing your hands on his shoulders like you usually did to comfort him. He still didn’t look at you, and you were starting to worry. “Look Armin, you don’t have to date me just to make me happy ok? I understand if you don’t-“

“I do!” he cried, “Don’t you remember last night? What I told you? Please don’t forget any of that! I just want to be good enough for you. I want to treat you well, and I want you to be happy. I-I can’t do that if you think about previous boyfriends because if you had them they’d be better than me and you’d hate me and-“

“Armin calm down.”

“I can’t (f/n) I just want to be with you forever and I love you and-“

“Armin. Please.”

His eyes finally stared into yours, glossing over with the salty water of his tears. You stared into those baby blues, and you sympathized with his feelings. He too was misunderstood by society. He too had been cast out by his interests. He too had been shunned from the world to find more knowledge.

“Armin I feel the same way. I want you to be the happiest man on earth. I’m happy just from you speaking to me, and you don’t have to say anything. Just being with me makes me smile more than I have all last year. This is the happiest I’ve ever been.”

He continued to stare at you, a light blush dusting his cheeks. He seemed to not believe you, yet you knew he wouldn’t argue over it. You took his hands and rubbed his soft, small hands in yours. You caressed his cheeks in your palms, a fluttering sensation filling your chest and stomach. Armin’s just so perfect…were you really worthy of even being in his presence?

Were you truly meant to be with him?

“Uncle Ereeeeen! Where are yooooou?”

Little feet thumped across the wooden floors, opening broom closets and old wooden doors. Her golden hair swished behind her neck, a bowl cut resting perfectly just above her shoulders. Vivid (e/c) eyes scanned the area before resting on the plush couch. The pillows were rumpled, and they weren’t ever like that when you were home. There was only one person who could mess those pillows up.

“Ah I found you, Daddy!” little Amelia giggled, poking your husband’s cheek.

“Oh no you found me!” he chuckled, “Am I the first one you found?”


He sighed, “I thought for sure you’d find your Uncle first.”

“I called for him, but he didn’t show up. Besides, I missed you.”

The little girl hugged her father’s waist, giggling and smiling up at him. Armin picked his daughter up and placed her on his shoulders, venturing towards the kitchen where his wife was cooking dinner.

“Sorry it isn’t anything fancy tonight,” you said, mixing the stir fry with master skill, “I didn’t want to have too much meat for dinner tonight.”

“It’s okay Mommy,” Amelia giggled, “I bet it’ll be delicious no matter what.”
“Aww you’re so sweet.”

“She gets it from you, you know,” Armin said, pecking your lips gently with his own.

“If anything she gets it from you,” You giggled, “She takes after you more than she does me.”

“I’m thankful she has your eyes,” he said, “Because I truly love them.”

You smiled, “They aren’t as pretty as yours.”

“Eeeew you guys have cooties,” your daughter coughed, sticking her tongue out at you.

You and Armin chuckled. “Oh and honey, there’s something in the pantry.”

You winked, and he got the message.

“See Amelia, your mother is a smart one. She knew where Uncle Eren was.”

'She was also able to find me.'
Aaaay ending chapter FINALLY!!!!
Now I'm sticking to one shots until summer time.
This was a fun experience and a random yet really good idea. I'm so sorry for all the plot holes, but there was no way I was gonna be able to write 20 chapters with my writing style and lack of free time. Hopefully I can make better fanfics lol :D
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EEEEE~  I'm pretty sure I just died a little, but in a good way >////< fairly certain the cause of death was squee overload. In other words, good job! You successfully broke me!
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Awww I'm so happy you liked it! If theres a way I could help fix you let me know
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A-Aww thank you!!
I'm glad you enjoyed it ^^
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this was really good I'm so sad its over ;n;
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Awww :c
Well it was fun to write :D
I'm actually surprised at how everybody liked it :)
I'll see if I can make more series this amazing in the future.
Thank you for being there :D
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So cute! My favorite fanfic series has finally come to an end ;-;
So sad....
But still, it was amazing! Thank you for writing this~
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I agree it was rather rushed, but I didn't want the ending to last two chapters ya know? I had so many ideas but I didn't want to write it out. It was purely because I was lazy lol
But I'm glad you still liked it ^^
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