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June 15, 2013
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A/N Only one swear word, but it's not until the middle. Just letting you know ahead of time

You walk around the streets of your hometown, Konoha, and feel alone. Your parents are on another mission, and nobody wants to talk to you. You don’t know why, but you’re used to it. You are five years old, and you don’t know what friends are, or how to be happy with anybody else but your family. The ramen guy, Teuchi, speaks to you once in a while, but you don’t think he’s really a friend.

“Hey! Little girl with the orange shirt!” a boy called.

You glance at the boy, and noticed him as your neighbor. “What is it? Do you need help?” you ask. He is around your age, but is slightly smaller.

“I don’t know where I live. I forgot how to get home,” he started to cry, “I-I think I’m l-lost, and people a-are mean t-to me w-when I’m alone-“

You hug the boy, who gasps at the action of consultation. “Sh, everything will be ok boy,” you say, “I will help you. Do you want to play at my house first?”

The boy’s smile was big, and he nods. You like his smile, with his perfectly aligned white teeth and his sunny attitude. Who could hate this boy? Why would anybody hate him? You wonder about this as you walk home with him, holding hands like you’ve been best friends forever. “Hey,” he says suddenly, leading you out of your thoughts.


“What is your name?”

You smile, “Don’t you know it already? I met you before.”

His bright blue eyes widened, “Oh that’s right! I remember you now! I kept calling you Adji-chan!”

You giggle, knowing he was calling you pretty. “What about your name?”

His bright blue eyes shine from the setting sun, and said, “I’m Naruto Uzumaki, future Hokage!”

You smile brightly, “You’re going to be Hokage? That’s so cool! Can I call you Naru-chan?”

He thought a bit, “I don’t know, it sounds too cute for a Hokage. Heh, why not?”

You clap your hands and blabber on with him until you got home.

12 years later…

“ADJI-CHAAAAN!!!!” Naruto called, “HELP ME!!!!”

“WHEN I CATCH YOU, YOU’RE GOING TO BE BLOWN TO SMITHERENES!” Sakura, the preppy perfect pink haired girl, yelled, chasing Naruto. You sigh, catching Naruto in your arms and turning your back on Sakura as she gives you the punch. It was a pretty big punch, but she does this to you every day. The only difference is Naruto was there to witness it for once. “A-Adji-chan!?” he gasps, knowing you got hurt badly.

You cough, but smile down at him, “D-Don’t worry Naru-chan! I-I’m ok. This is normal.”

“Normal? No it isn’t! You got hurt for my sake!”

Your smile widens, “Naru-chan… don’t worry about it. I’m allowed to protect you from bratty women like her. Nobody should ever hurt my Naru-chan, especially when I’m around.”

“I know you’re my best friend… but it wouldn’t usually go this far, would it?”

“Just drop it Naru-chan. It’s already done.”

You turn to a smirking Sakura, and whisper, “If you ever try to hurt my Naru-chan again, I swear I will hurt you so badly, you’ll bleed. So don’t even touch him. You understand?”

Sakura smirked, “I’ll touch him whenever I want to bitch!”

You punch her face hard, breaking to her nose and making it bleed. The students around you gasp, and form a circle around them. Naruto stared as Sakura made another attempt to punch you, but you dodged her fist just in time. You kick her to the ground, stand on her back and legs, and pull her arms back behind her. Naruto was still lying there, now with Sakura close to his face. “Now apologize to him,” you ordered.

“I-I’m sorry Uzumaki-san,” she cried, “I’ll never punch you again.”

You didn’t know she ACTUALLY punched him, so you tighten your grip on her wrists. She cringed slightly, and you jump off of her, scaring her and making her run away. The crowd of students clapped, and Naruto ran into your arms. “Oh Adji-chan! Thank you so much! That was really scary, but I’m glad she ran away.”

“Naruto, why do people hurt you all the time?” you ask.

He shrugged, “I don’t know. Other than you, there’s nobody else who is nice to me.”

You hug him tighter, “Oh Naru-chan, I’ll always be by your side. You know that right?”

Naruto looked up at you with those lovely blue eyes, and smiles at you, “Of course I do! You’re my best friend!”

You giggle, and shoo the others away. They get back to their lockers, and you go to yours. 'High school’s hard,' you think, 'especially when nobody likes you or your best friend. Plus, you have a huge crush on that same friend, and if you would say something, chances are you’re not going to like each other anymore. That would hurt a lot, since he’s all you got. Mom and Dad never came back, and rumors said they were dead. I know they are, and ever since then, Naruto’s been with me.'

You go to homeroom, and sit next to Naruto at the back of the classroom. “So, Adji-chan,” Naruto said, “I was thinking of something earlier.”

“What is it?” You ask.

“Well, since we both live alone, and we only have ourselves, why not live together?”

You smile at this, “I can say something to the landlord. He shouldn’t mind though. He was great friends with my dad.”

“Is that a yes then?”

You giggled, “Absolutely!”

Naruto squeezed you to death, and you wondered about your feelings towards him. You love him because of his almost always cheery attitude, his need to always protect you (but in the end you’re the one protecting him), and his desire to be by your side. You enjoy him being around, always putting that same large grin on your face. You just love him for who he is. Nobody can change him for who he is, and you have loved him the moment you two made eye contact 12 years ago!

“Listen, Naruto,” you mumble.



“Naruto Uzumaki and_______ please report to the principal’s office immediately.”

'God! What now!?' You think, 'Right when I was FINALLY going to confess to him! I mean really Tsunade, couldn’t you wait until AFTER I said anything!?' While you are cursing at the principal for her bad timing, Naruto was reaching for your hand. Of course you didn’t notice because you were fuming at the principal right now. He didn’t get your hand, but he did stop in the middle of the staircase you two were going down. You noticed that he wasn’t following, and you turn around with a worried expression. “What’s wrong Naru-chan?”

“What were you going to tell me back there?” he asked, “It seemed important.”

“But the principle-“

“She can wait. I want to know what you were going to say.”

You started to blush and get very nervous. Naruto isn’t usually this serious! His eyes were looking in yours, almost as if he was trying to find it for you. You wanted to tell him, but this is so nerve racking! You twiddle your thumbs and try to think of how you want to say it. “Well, I thought about something a-a few years back. I wanted to tell you… but I don’t think you’ll like me after I say it.”

Naruto walks down to where you are, and hugs you gently. “Don’t worry Adji-chan. Just tell me what it is. I’ll always like you, no matter what.”

Your eyes started to tear up as you thought of what might happen if he did hate you. “Naru-chan i-it’s not that easy. Y-You can’t promise-“

Naruto quickly shoved his hand over your mouth. His breath tickled your sensitive skin as he whispered in your ear, “I am a man of my word _______. I will always protect you, and you cannot tell me that I will break a promise. Adji-chan, close your eyes. Let me try to comfort you.”

Your eyes widened for a second, but you obeyed. You were wondering what he was doing. You felt his breath on your lips, which gave you chills down your spine. 'Is he going to-' before you finished your thought, he had moved his lips onto yours, and grazed the back of your neck with his fingers. You smile halfway through, and moan when he deepens it. “Oh, Naru-chan,” you moan, releasing his lips and attacking them again, “How did you know?”

He pulled back, smiling like his usual goofy self, simply saying, “I didn’t!”

Naruto walked towards the doors, leaving you there gaping at him. “Come on Adji-chan! We have to tell Tsunade about our new relationship!”

“Our new-? Wait hold on Naruto! You only kissed me. That doesn’t mean we’re going out.”

He waited for you to sprint down the remaining steps and asked, “Do you want to go out with me?”


“Then don’t complain about it.”

You gaped at him again as he strutted off towards the principal’s office. You sprint after him again, catching his hand right when he opened the doors. He smiled at you, and you knew you two were inseparable.

12 more years later…

Naruto flopped on the bed. You knew he was tired from being the most important person in the town, and being a dad of TWINS as well. It was late at night, and the two five year old siblings were already fast asleep, sleeping in the same bed, and hugging each other like teddy bears. 'I remember when we were their age,' you think, 'and we were so cute. I still remember meeting you for the first time. And you still are that sunny bright kid from 24 years ago. You just matured a bit after that.'

“Honey, what time is it?” Naruto asked.

“It’s eight dear. You ate the dinner I sent you right?”

Naruto smiled at you, “Yes, and I loved every noodle. You should work at Ichiraku’s.”

You laugh, “Maybe after our two angels grow up a bit, and you aren’t working so late anymore,” you sigh, “I miss being with you all the time. Like when we were kids.”

“Yeah, those were good times, but now we can make better ones. We can make them with our new family.”

You smiled, and kissed your husband happily. You both tucked yourselves in. Then, Naruto asked, “How are little Adji-chan Jr. and little Naru-chan Jr.?”

You giggled, “They are a handful, but they won’t leave each other’s sides! Adji-chan hurt herself after you left, and Naru-chan was trying to do everything he could to help her get better. He almost called 911, but I made sure he didn't reach the phone. They remind me a lot about you and me when we were younger. Do you still remember when we first met?”

“How could I forget? That was the day I met the prettiest girl in the world.”

You cuddle up closer to him as he turns the light off. He wraps his strong, muscular arms around you as you get as close to him as possible. You dreamed of the day back in high school when Naruto kissed you for the first time. You smiled in your sleep, and dreamed of those blue eyes searching deeply in yours. Your heart beat rapidly when you were around him, but you didn’t understand that feeling until later in life. 'Naru-chan kept his promise,' you thought,'and I’ll never leave him. That is my promise to him.'
Adji= Pretty

This is for the contest in :iconnarutoxreader-club:

Please enjoy reading my lovely writing :iconslowhugplz:
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