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Disclaimer: I by all means do NOT own Bleach

(e/c)= eye color
(y/n)= your name
(h/c)= hair color

You are nothing but a lowly Academy student. You exceed all of your classes, and smile almost every day. You don’t have many friends, and the ones you did have left already to the Soul Society. They are already official Soul Reapers, maybe even a ranked seat, or better yet a captain! 'I know I won’t see them ever again,' you think, 'so why am I thinking of such times again? I must forget them.'

Your name is called to spar with one of your peers. You tie your white ribbon as a head band as you received a wooden sword, and held it firmly in your hand. When the fight began, your opponent lunged at you forcefully, probably not thinking things through first. You block his attack with your sword, and tripped him easily. U put your foot on his stomach so he couldn’t get away, and placed your sword at his neck. The other students sighed, knowing nobody could beat you.

“Always think what to do first,” you lecture, “And you must always stay alert. Never focus mainly on your sword.”

“Cheh, you aren’t the teacher,” he snapped, “and don’t act like one you freak!”

Class ended, and you quickly go on your way home. You’re swiftly moving through the streets of the Rukon District, when you accidentally run into somebody. You both fell back to the ground. “Oh, I-I’m sor-“ you stutter, but stopped when you realized who it was. The white haired, thirteenth division captain, Jushiro Ukitake, had fallen down in front of you as well, smiling like nothing happened. “C-Captain Ukitake!” you exclaim, “I-I’m sorry! Please forgive me sir!”

The captain chuckled, “It’s okay; there is no need to apologize miss. Are you okay?”

He stood up, and helped you to your feet. “Y-Yes sir! Th-Thank you.”

Your cheeks darken in color as he continues to smile down at you. “I saw you fighting earlier, and I’m very impressed. Since our Lieutenant spot is open, I was wondering if you wanted to apply.”

You looked up at him with wide eyes and even darker flushed cheeks. “Y-You mean it Captain?”

Ukitake chuckled, “Of course! I found an interest in you. I believe you also have great potential.”

You smile at him with a big grin, showing your perfect white teeth. “Thank you sir! When can I apply?”

“Tomorrow morning. I’ll come back for you personally and take you to the Seireitei. Would that be okay with you?”

“You don’t have to ask sir,” You blush more as you say, “I’d always be okay with it.”

You bow to your new Captain, and wave good bye as you part ways. Wow, I’m a Lieutenant now! You think, and I’m also dedicated to the best captain of the Seireitei! Well, in my opinion of course. I’ll do the best I can for my Captain! No matter what happens!

You get home around sunset, taking your sandals off and walked in through the kitchen. The only good thing to eat was rice balls, and as you sat to eat them, you think about your new life as a Soul Reaper. “It shouldn’t be that difficult,” you mumble with rice in your mouth, “but I wonder why Captain Ukitake allowed me to be his Lieutenant without knowing me that much yet. He said I impressed him, but still. I don’t think I’m suited to be Lieutenant. Not yet anyway.”

In your opinion you weren’t set. Although, that’s because you secretly think you need more training. You hadn’t gotten a Zampakuto yet, so naturally you don’t know Bankai or Shikai yet, though you are eager to learn them. You have lots of reiatsu, and your Kido is top notch. You’re the top student, but you still think you should get stronger. “Now that I work under Captain Ukitake, I have a true purpose. I must protect him and my squad from any harm for as long as I shall live. Captain Ukitake is the first person to act kindly towards me, and I’ll do anything to protect him! I will put my life on the line, and I will not let anybody harm him!”

After your oath taking, you head to bed early, wishing the night will quickly end, and you will become a Lieutenant. The Lieutenant of squad thirteen. Captain Ukitake’s squad to be exact.

That morning, you wake up before the sun even rises. You took a quick shower, changed into the black kimono that was somehow left there, and did everything else to seem as clean as possible. You wanted your Captain to have a good impression of you. Since you were very early, you read a book explaining Bankai and Shikai, until a small knock rang through your ear drums. You put the book down, and opened the door to find your new Captain standing there, having a tired smile on his pale lips. “G-Good morning Captain Ukitake,” you say, smiling.

“You don’t have to be formal,” he said, “You can just call me Jushiro.”


“Yes. Are you ready for the exams?”

You nodded your head furiously, and walked beside Jushiro to the Seireitei. You were nervous, since you didn’t want to say or do anything out of line. You still had that question in your mind from last night, and you desperately wanted an answer. “Capt- oh I mean Jushiro? May I ask you something.”

His smile fell, but he nodded with a questioning look on his face. “I know usually a student at the academy would have to become a Soul Reaper first, and become a higher rank later on. And another thing, Captains wouldn’t usually walk with a new subordinate, let alone a total stranger. Why is that?”

Ukitake smiled, “I saw how skilled you were, and I knew you were a very nice girl just by looking at you. I also saw how your peers treated you, so I wanted to know you better because of how intriguing you are. Do you have any other friends?”

You look down, and narrowed your shining, (e/c) eyes. “All of my friends left, and forgot who I was. They’re all Soul Reapers now, and I didn’t graduate with them. I was failing at some point, so I decided to step up my game and improve my skills, wondering if I can get friends out of admiration. But everybody stayed away from me even more.” You smile at your Captain as you say, “That’s why I was so shocked with your offer and kindness! Nobody has ever shown that to me, and I feel as if I must protect you because of your kind nature. Not only that, but I’ve always admired how strong you were and how so many souls look up to you. I wanted to be just like you when I was little, and here I am filling in as your Lieutenant!”

You giggle, “Wow, I guess I said a lot just now. I’m sorry Jushiro.”

Ukitake places his hand over your head, patting you lightly. You stare up at him as he says, “No need to apologize. It feels good speaking your mind, doesn’t it?”

You nod, and continue to walk in silence as Jushiro takes you through the gates to the Seireitei. You gaze up in awe as the tall buildings overwhelmed you a bit. This is nothing like the Rukon District. No, this place is HUGE ! Jushiro chuckles at your amazed expression, and you smile back at him. He seems happy all the time. “Jushiro, what’s it like being a Captain?” you ask.

He sighs, “It’s hard work, but now that I have such a great Lieutenant, things will be much easier on me.”

Jushiro coughs a bit, and it looked like he was holding it back. You frown, and ask, “Why are you holding back Captain? It isn’t healthy.”

“I don’t (cough) want you to see me (cough) like this.”

You rub his back and say, “Let it out Jushiro. If it gets out of hand, I’ll do the best I can.”

He continued to cough, and you continued rubbing his strong back. When he’s done, he has blood on his hand. You were worried, but didn’t panic. You got your ribbon out of your hair, and wiped the blood off of his hand. Jushiro gave you an apologetic face, which you return with a smile. “Don’t worry Jushiro, you’ll be okay.”

As you dab the blood off of his chin and bottom lip, you realized how beautiful his face was. You wanted to connect your lips with his, and you wanted to know what he tasted like. As these thoughts whirled around in your head, you blush furiously, and try to hide it as you turn away, even though you are positive he already saw it. “Are you okay Lieutenant?” he asked, “Do you have a fever?”

You smile as you shake your head, “No sir, I’m okay. Oh, and the names (y/n). You don’t have to be formal around me.”

Jushiro nods and you continue walking together to the squad thirteen barracks. After taking off your shoes, you sit at a small table facing two other Lieutenants. One you noticed as squad six Lieutenant Renji Abarai, and the other was squad three Lieutenant Izuru Kira. Jushiro sat between them, and introduced them. Even though you already knew who they were, you were courteous and didn’t say it. Jushiro then introduced you to the other two, who were smiling at you. “Welcome to the team!” Renji said.

“She didn’t even take the test yet Renji,” Izuru sighed, “You can’t be sure until she is done.”

“But if Captain Ukitake picked her out right from the Academy, that’s saying something. Think about it for a second here, he’s waited to get the right Lieutenant for years, and now he finds an Academy student who hasn’t even graduated yet and feels she has the right to be Lieutenant! And she doesn’t even have a zampakuto yet!”

“Renji, calm yourself down,” Jushiro said.

“Sorry Captain.”

You giggle and add, “I’m not as amazing as you make me seem Lieutenant. I just ran into the Captain and he mentioned me being Lieutenant. I’ll find my zampakuto soon, and I’ll learn how to use Bankai as soon as possible. I know how it works, I just need to apply my skills.”

“I can help you if you wish,” Renji said, “It took me a while to reach Bankai with Zabimaru, but I’m sure you’ll get it.”

Captain Ukitake took out a pile of papers, and handed them to you. “Here is the test, I’m sure it won’t take you long. It’s more of a sheet asking questions about where you used to live and things like that. You may ask me questions if you need help.”

“Are you going to stay with me?” you asked, hoping it was a yes considering you know you ask questions all the time.

“If you want me to, then I will.”

You smile and nod. Renji and Izuru left, bidding you and the Captain goodbye. As you start your test, you can hear part of their conversation from behind the door.

“I haven’t seen Captain Ukitake that happy in a while,” Renji whispered.

“Yeah, I know. I’ve never known a Captain to ask for their subordinate’s permission to stay either,” Izuru whispered.

“Maybe that girl will be a big help to squad thirteen.”

“I know she will. If Captain Ukitake chose her, there’s no way she wouldn’t be a good Lieutenant.”

You smile as you go to the next page. The questions were easy, asking for basic stuff like your birthday, age, favorite color, etc. When you got to the part where it said to put the age of you when you were graduated, you asked Jushiro what to do. “Just put your current age for now,” he said, “Along with when you first became a Soul Reaper.”

“Thanks Jushiro.”

He nods, and you continue. There was a part at which you froze up on the last page. The question was: ‘What is your purpose for being a Soul Reaper and why would you stay in the 13 division?”

You knew you wanted to be a Soul Reaper to protect your Captain from all harm, but you knew Jushiro would probably look at this. 'I want to be a Soul Reaper because I want to protect Jushiro out of love,' you think, 'but he will think I’m weird like all the others and would change his mind. Should I put that I want to protect him out of devotion to my squad and Captain instead? It would seem more natural.'

“Is something troubling you?” Jushiro asks.

You blush at the silly thought you had and said, “No sir, I am ok. Thank you for your kindness.”

He chuckles, and you continue writing your answer. You read the last question, and ask the Captain, “Sir I know this is out of line for asking this, but are you going to be looking at this?”

Ukitake smiles, “If you don’t want me to then I won’t. This will go straight to the Head Captain Yamamoto and I won’t even glance at it.”

Honestly, you don’t know if you want him to look at it or not. It would be embarrassing to show the person you like all of your answers, but you don’t want him to seem like you’re hiding something. Besides, you think you actually do want him to see the answer to the last question. “That won’t be necessary Captain,” you say, “I feel every Captain should know how their subordinates were grown and how they act and feel. Even if it meant that I wouldn’t stay Lieutenant for long, I wouldn’t want you to feel like I don’t like you.”

You smile as you read the question one more time. It said: ‘Do you have feelings towards someone in your squad? Who would it be? (optional)’ You scribble neatly your Captains name, put the pages back in numerical order, and gave them to your Captain. “Congratulations (y/n)! You’re now my Lieutenant!” Jushiro said, outstretching his hand and shaking yours, “You won’t officially be one until after two months, so get used to things here, and you’ll be fine.”

You stand and bow, “Thank you Capta- I mean Jushiro!”

“You’re most welcome (y/n),” he whispered, kissing your head.  You blush like crazy, and left to the outside of the barracks. 'Why did he do that?' You ask yourself, 'Is it a tradition after one becomes a Lieutenant? I didn’t read about it in the books. Maybe it wasn’t so important. Or maybe only Jushiro does it with his Lieutenants. Yeah, that has to be it!'

You quickly walk again, somehow thinking it was déjà vu. When you bump into somebody, you know it’s that. “Oh I’m sorry!” you say, trying to get a look at the person’s face.

“It’s ok,” he says. You notice that he has orange hair, and is known as Ichigo Kurosaki, the one and only substitute Soul Reaper. There were lots of girls gossiping about him at the Academy, and you honestly don’t understand what all the fuss was about. “Why are you here, Ichigo Kurosaki?” you ask.

“Uh, do I know you?”

You shrug, “No, but you’re kinda famous around here, so it’s only natural for me to know who you are. Back to my question though, what brings you to the Seireitei?”

“Ukitake called for me from the living world. I thought something was wrong, but it seems as if everything’s fine.”

You gasp, “My Captain asked for you?”

Ichigo nodded, and noticed that you don’t have a Zampakuto. You smile, “I just came out of the Academy. I still need to train to get my Zampakuto. After that, I’m working on my Shikai and Bankai.”

The human nodded in understanding, and smiled. “You know, for a newbie, you’re kinda confident. It’s not easy getting a Bankai.”

You smile, “I know. I read a whole book on it.”

Ichigo thought for a second, scanning you with his brown eyes. “You wouldn’t happen to be that new Lieutenant Ukitake was talking about would you?”

You giggle, “Yup! That’s me!”

Ichigo let out a sigh of relief, “Good! Ukitake said I had to find you first, and here you are running into me first chance I get.”

You walk with the orange haired human back towards the barracks. You had an urge to touch the man’s hair, so you petted it and said, “You know, your hair is really pretty. I wish I had that pretty color.”


Ichigo’s face was priceless. He was in total shock. You giggled, “Yeah. I always thought people with orange hair were pretty. Since my hair is (h/c), it isn’t really that interesting.”

“Glad you like it.”

You could tell Ichigo was flattered greatly, because he had a VERY slight blush that barely anybody could see. He’s kinda cute you think, Souls say he’s a huge hot shot, but if you flatter him enough, he’ll seem like a vulnerable child.

When you reach the room you were in earlier, Ukitake was there still holding your test. He smiles at you with a big grin, and you automatically blush. You bow saying, “Hello Captain!”

He sighed, “(y/n), what did I tell you earlier? Just call me Jushiro. Ok?”

You saw how his cheeks were pink, so he must have been affected by that last question. You nod, and say, “Yes Jushiro. Is everything okay?”

Jushiro smiles at you, “Yes (y/n) everything is ok. I see you’ve met Ichigo already. Is she alright Ichigo?”

He scratched the back of his head, seeming nervous, “Yeah, she’s fine. How come?”

You giggle at both men and see as Renji comes into the room. “Long time no see, Ichigo,” he smirked.


“Jushiro, what’s up?” you ask.

Renji is gaping at how you didn’t address your captain formally, but you only smile at the happy Captain. “We’re going to get your Zampakuto. I asked these two to help since they seem like great teachers and had no time on their hands. I don’t think they’ll care, will they?”

Both were going to protest, until they looked at you. You put on the cutest face you could make, which both started blushing at. “Ugh fine!” Ichigo whined, “I’m in. Renji you better do this too.”

You batted your pretty (e/c) eyes at the Lieutenant and say, “Please Lieutenant Abarai? Pwetty pwease?”

You saw a sheet of sweat cover his face. 'The cuteness is overwhelming him!' You think.

“Fine I’ll do it, but don’t think we’ll make it easy for you.”

You cheer and give Renji a hug. Now his face is as red as a tomato, Jushiro is looking kind of jealous, and Ichigo is standing there looking bored. When you let go of him, his face is covered in his hands. 'He he! Renji’s too soft.'

“Alright boys, I’ll give her to you so you can take her back to Urahara’s place in the morning,” Ukitake said, “But for now, I would like you to leave the barracks. That is all, you are dismissed.”

You were about to leave with them, until Jushiro put his hand on your shoulder. “Not you (y/n), I have another thing to speak to you about.”

You got worried as to what it was about, so you look down at your feet. “It’s about the last question isn’t it?” you say, “Do you want me to leave tomorrow?”

Jushiro furrowed his eyebrows, and seemed to look a bit upset. “No (y/n), I wouldn’t want you to leave on your first day. But yes I do need to speak to you about that.”

You prepared for the worst, thinking you would get scolded for having such feelings towards a superior, especially since you were a lowly Academy student in the Rukon District. “Please, look at me (y/n).”

You obey, looking up at Jushiro who is only a few inches away. He wrapped his arms around your waist, smiling down at your blushing face. “(y/n), please don’t be afraid to speak out your opinion just because I’m a Captain. It makes me feel like you aren’t comfortable with me around. Thank you for being honest.”

He hugs you closer, and you hug him back. He puts his chin on the top of your head, and you burry your face in his chest. 'Jushiro, why are you doing this? Why are you being so nice to a lowly Academy student like me? And yet, you know my feelings. Why aren’t you angry with me?'

“Jushiro,” you say, your muffled voice sounding quiet.

He kisses the top of your head and says, “Yes (y/n)?”

“Why are you being so nice to me? You only met me yesterday. And I’m nothing but a small runt in the Rukon District.”

Jushiro frowns. “Do you believe what those people tell you? In my eyes, I see a young woman with the will and strength to be a Soul Reaper, even without a Zampakuto. I took you in as my Lieutenant also because I …”

He pushes you away forcefully, forcing you to fall on the ground. You’re confused, until you hear him coughing up a storm. You find a towel somewhere and give it to him to cough into that. You keep his beautiful white, silky hair out of his face as he continues to cough. You rub his back again like you did before, and wait until he was done. He sounded horrible, and you wished there was some way to cure him. He wiped his mouth with the towel, and looked back at you. “I’m sorry (y/n).”

You smiled sadly at him, “Don’t say you’re sorry. You didn’t do anything wrong.” You started rubbing his back again when you asked, “Now what was it you were going to ask?”

Jushiro blushed a little as he said, “Oh, it was nothing.”

You look up at him, smiling at him. “I feel like you’re not comfortable with me. You don’t have to tell me, but-“

You freeze when you hear the door open behind you. You turn around to find Captain of squad eight, Shunsui Kyoraku, standing at the doorway. He looks at you with a sly smile, “My my, don’t you look like a pretty girl. You’re Jushiro’s Lieutenant right?”

You nod, and feel a warm hand in yours. You look up to find Jushiro keeping a serious face as he said, “She’s mine Shunsui.”

Captain Kyoraku raised his hands, “Oh I wasn’t thinking of taking her Ju! Although, I’m surprised you would take her since she’s so young.”

You frown, “Age doesn’t matter. It’s the heart that counts.”

Shunsui smiled at you, but in a kind genuine way, “You are absolutely right. Try telling that to Nanao! Always saying I harass girls younger than me, but in all reality, they are the ones who confess to me.”

You giggle, and Jushiro smiles. “Now, why are you here Shunsui? I’m sure it isn’t to flirt with my Lieutenant.”

Shunsui shook his head, “Nah I just wanted to see you Ju! Escape all the paperwork piling up on my desk.”

Jushiro sighs, “You never change.”

“Well you sure did.”

You looked confused. Jushiro blushed a bit, knowing what Shunsui was referring to. “Just letting you know (y/n),” the eighth captain said, “You are the first girl he has EVER told me about that he would go on nonstop about. I can understand now, but back then I thought it was strange. He said he would watch you practice at the Acadamey and everything!”

“Shunsui,” Jushiro mumbled, “You’re embarrassing me.”

You look up at Jushiro, who had the slightest pink color on his face. You lay your head against his shoulder, smiling as you said, “That’s cute Jushiro. I never thought I had a secret admirer.”

“I’m surprised you didn’t see me,” he chuckled.

“You concealed your reiatsu so well, I couldn’t detect you.”

“That’s what I was trying to do.”

You laugh, and Shunsui fixes his hat. “Well, I’ll leave you love birds to it then! Don’t go too crazy tonight Jushiro. You just got her.”

You and Jushiro blush as red as tomatoes, and Shunsui laughs. He leaves the barracks, and you and your Captain just stand there frozen. “Captain, was he always like that?” you ask.

“For as long as I’ve known him,” Jushiro said.

“I feel bad for this Nanao person.”

You both realized that you were still holding hands. Jushiro was about to let go, but you squeeze his hand a little tighter. He was surprised, but enclosed his fingers around your hand again. “You know Jushiro,” you said, “I have always wanted to meet you. Even if you weren’t a Captain, I would still want to meet you. I really love you Captain. I thought if I said such a thing, you would hate me forever and you would let me go back to the Rukon district. That’s why I was so questionable with that last question. I wanted to give you a good first impression.”

Jushiro smiled at this. He released your hand, and wrapped his arms around you. “I love you (y/n). There is no way I would ever let you go.”

With that, he plants his lips on yours, giving you the deepest kiss (and the only one at that) you’ve ever experienced. You moved your lips along with his, making is such a great sensation. You had dreamed of this for some time now. Being with the Captain of your dreams, being in his embrace, and kissing him like your life depended on it. When he released your lips, he smiled down at you. Both of your faces were bright red, and you giggled. “That was really unexpected!” you said, sounding as cheery as ever, “I thought for sure you would hate me for the rest of my life!”

Jushiro’s smile widened, “Now why would I do that?”
I randomly did this for no reason whatsoever. I just felt like doing it, and I found it alright for it to be my first Bleach fanfic. Please enjoy responsibly and FANGIRL!!!

OH and please ask for requests! Not just for ffs, but for art too! Here's the journal for more info on how you should request xReader ffs

Oh and to add onto it, U can request for music fics if you want, just tell me the song and I'll see if I can do it.

Also, add what their personalities would be like. Say for example, shy!Sasuke x Cheerleader!reader

:heart::heart:Please request! PRETTY PLEASE :heart::heart:

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